And the world’s concerns with its rights and wrongs
Shall seem but small things
Poet or painter, a singer of songs,
Thine art is all things

- Banjo Paterson


True artists can’t compromise on quality. Neither can a true winemaker.

At Faisan Estate there’s no mass production, with natural production and minimal intervention.

Our approach is to respect the land our grapes grow on, and respect the tradition and history of wine-making as an artform, not an industry.

Most importantly, we respect people like you who appreciate amazing wines.

We want you to experience the unique, surprising and complex flavors that can only be created in cold climates, with loving care and attention paid to every single grape we pick.

We use extended maceration, a process which draws out the subtle flavors of the fruit, closely monitor the development of the flavors and only when we’re convinced it is the best it could possibly be, transfer it to french oak barrels to mature.  

It’s the way it’s been done in France for centuries, and now you an experience Australian wine that rivals the best from Bordeaux in flavour, complexity and texture.

We focus on quality, not quantity. Every single bottle has been treated with the love and respect it deserves.

Come and visit us, or put in your order now. With free shipping in NSW it's easier than going to the bottle shop!



Relax in Australia's Bordeaux this long weekend!

September 30, 2016

Just three scenic hours from Sydney, Faisan Estate makes french-style wine using grapes that develop delicate and complex flavours only possible in cold climates like Orange, NSW. Now spring has arrived and every tree is flowering. This weekend, you're invited to sample our single-estate, artisan wines like the fruity and refreshing Chardonnay, velvety Syrah and unique and famous Cabernet blend. Come and see us this Saturday, Sunday or Monday from 10am to 4pm, 150 Lemmons Rd, Borenore, NSW. If the service wasn't so good you'd swear you were in France.

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